Google Glass Design Jam

A glass app that connects a family through meal planning

Project2-Google Glass

The Challenge

Valentina, a chef and restaurateur, spends most of her day managing her busy career, including her award-winning restaurant, and her newly launched Food Network show. With her busy daily routine, she hopes having Google Glass can help her better manage her work-life balance.

My busy schedule prevents me from spending quality dinner time with my husband and kid.

The Solution

We designed a meal planning app that recognizes fresh produce and suggests meal recipes based on Valentina’s family’s preferences. Valentina can assign family members to help prep family meals, and she can stay connected with her famliy throughout the day. Once she’s home, she can enjoy quality family time at the table instead of in the kitchen.

Valentina Longs For...

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User Story

Get recipe notifications at work…

In the morning, Valentina is busy around the market and the kitchen to prep for her restaurant. The Google Glass identifies fresh produce she has been handling, and builds up a recipe recommendation based on her family’s favorites.

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Send out a dinner poll….

During the lunch rush, Valentina is frenziedly supervising the kitchen. With Google Glass’ voice control, she manages to send out a dinner choice poll, and she feels connected when her husband and son give her feedback.

Deploy dinner responsibilities…

In the afternoon, Valentina has to record her latest TV episode and has no time to shop and prep for dinner. Valentina asks her husband and son to help out preparing for dinner. She feels connected while consistently messaging them.

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Enjoy the dinner table stories!

Valentina gets back home with ease and quickly picks up what her husband and son have done. Instead of being in the kitchen, she spends most of her time at the dinner table learning what her son achieved in school today.

Process At a Glance

The design process contains empathizing, solution brianstorming, UX value analysis, story sketching and digital mock-ups building. See what was achieved in the short span of 3 hrs: