Amazon Fire TV

Creating Fiery 10-Feet TV Voice Experience


UX Opportunities

I joined Amazon Fire TV team to design for the pioneering TV voice search experience. Expected to expand the unique voice experience, I looked upon the interaction possibilities of voice search, and designed user-centric product strategies for Fire TV's interactions between voice user interface and graphical user interface.

Projects at Glance

I proposed and self-led my own design and research projects, and worked closely with the UX team, PMs, and VUI designers to define the user needs, business requirements and problem space for shaping vioce interaction opportunities.

direction down

I can’t showcase most work, but check out my process

1. Product Insights

To understand Fire TV’s advantages and the system-level design language, I performed product analysis among Fire TV and competitive devices. I created an interaction design guideline for Fire TV and a competitive analysis on TV box and voice control competitors.

competitors A sample page of my competitive analysis deck Interaction Design Guide for Fire TV

natural voice user research session three user profile for Fire TV customer three user voice model

2. Define Users

I conducted natural voice input research, communicated with consumer insights team and VUI designers, and looked into voice input raw data to synthesize user archetypes and voice behavioral models. It became my foundation to design, based on the narrative of user needs.

3. Design, Testing, and Iteration

In the highly iterative process, I held design critics and research sessions to pull in designers, PMs and of course users to help me understand my design. I also used resourceful ways to test out voice design.

iteration process diagram iteration testing methodology

Journey Takeaways

Platform Thinking:
The micro-level best practices don't necessarily translate to the best system-level product experience.
Voice Empowerment:
Designing for voice is about designing the nuance to let users feel empowered, rather than just providing access.
User Framing:
With Amazon's huge customer base, proper user framing becomes extremely important to build solid base for design.

Check out an infographic of my internship journey

amazon info graphic